Everett (Pa) Potter Sr.

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Everett (Pa) Potter Sr. embraced life for 101 years, 9 months and 13 days before peacefully letting go on July 30, 2018, surrounded by his family. There was a celebration in heaven as he was reunited with his bride of 78 years, Katherine (Stanley) Potter.

He was born the fifth child of Stephen and Ida (Scofield) Potter on October 17, 1916. Siblings gone before him were baby Richard at 10 months, Beatrice at age 18, Thelma (Potter) Bunker at age 82 and George lived to be 91. Everett attended the Morton Bunker School in South Gouldsboro but preferred being in the woods or down to the shore. As a young boy, he developed a lifelong love of lobster fishing and hunting. Tales of his years on the ocean came naturally as it was the livelihood from which he provided for his wife and five children. He fished out of South Gouldsboro, the town in which he grew up and where he and Kay raised their family. Borrowing his father’s punt to haul 7 traps is where his commercial fishing career began. He had several boats over the years and eventually retired from the Blue Horizon due to failing eyesight. Macular degeneration may have forced him off the boats, but that didn’t slow him down any.

He continued to spend most of his time outside doing yard work or tending his gardens and had a passion for cutting, splitting and piling wood. On the days he couldn’t be outdoors, he might be found inside loading shells or cleaning his guns and likely had a dog under his feet or in his lap.

Dancing was another indoor activity that Ma and Pa enjoyed together, which was fitting because that was how they met. But for as much as they liked to dance, they thrived on being with friends and family, whether it be a church service, a party or holiday gathering. They took pride in their close-knit family and enjoyed watching them grow in number – always thankful and blessed by the results of a young love that blossomed back in 1937.

The family said farewell to Ma in 2015 and as Pa’s days here on earth have come to an end, we would like to extend our thanks to the staff of Narraguagus Bay Health Care, Milbridge, as well as Beacon Hospice, Bangor. For those of you that went above and beyond your typical days duties and treated him with so much love and respect, please know that we will be forever grateful. Special thanks to Raymond Strout for checking in on his “Ol’ Buddy” often and for being such a good friend.

Per Pa’s request, his memorial service will be held at “the church in South Gouldsboro where Ma wanted me to go to Sunday school when I was a boy”. Family and friends are invited to The Solid Rock Bible Baptist Church in South Gouldsboro, 769 South Gouldsboro Road, on Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 2 p.m. Immediately following, there will be a celebration in front of the Lion Lodge (next to church) until 5:30ish. Feel free to stop by anytime to help us honor:

Ma & Pa Potter’s Legacy of Love

They will forever be in our hearts and will love on in us…

Son, Bobby Potter (predeceased); grandchildren, Laurie, Robbie (predeceased), Jack, Heidi; great-grandchildren, Jeremy (Laurie’s), Keith, Kirk, Heather (Heidi’s); great—great grandchildren, Nora, Lily (Jeremy’s), Gavin, Rylee (Keith’s), Liam, Kouper, Kobi, Kinsley, Jackson (Kirk’s), Miley, Aiden, Aubrey (Heather’s). Son, Everett Potter Jr. and wife, Lois (married 54 yrs); grandchildren, Kevin, Stacey, April, Breanna; great-grandchildren, Karra, Ashley (Kevin’s), Anthony, Ariella, Mia, Asia (April’s), Jeremiah, Isiah (Breanna’s); great-great grandchildren, Jeffery (Karra’s), Norman III, Noah (Ashley’s), Auben, Evelyn (Anthony’s), Eliza (Arriela’s). Daughter, Cheryl Knowles and husband, Regie (married 57 yrs); grandchildren, Gail, Jayson, Todd; great-grandchildren, Christopher, Autumn (Gail’s), Jacob, Jordyn, Tori Kay (Jayson’s), Kayla, Scott (Todd’s); great-great grandchildren, Cove, Hunter, Oakley (Christopher’s), Nora, Nash (Autumn’s), Kaylan, Dylanie (Kayla’s). Son, Jerry Potter and wife, Dianne (married 51 yrs); grandchildren, Cheri, Stephanie, Rachel; great-grandchildren, Justin, Cody, Kyle (Cheri’s), Jedd, Landan (Stephanie’s), Alyssa, Zoey (Rachel’s); great-great-grandchild, Hazel (Justin’s). Daughter, Marita Billings and husband, Mike (married 44 yrs); grandchildren, Aaron, Robin; great-grandchildren, Makayla (Aaron’s), Maevey (Robin’s), and the husband, wives and significant others of those listed above.


Sunday, August 19, 2018, 2 p.m., The Solid Rock Bible Baptist Church in South Gouldsboro, 769 South Gouldsboro.


4 Responses to Everett (Pa) Potter Sr.

  1. Jane Shephard says:

    To Gail,Cheryl and family. Condolences to you for your loss. You expressed many times how much you loved and cared for your Grandparents and Parents. You had a close knit family and a big one! Thinking of you and reminding you of how much I enjoyed spending time with you.

  2. Bess Carter says:

    Thinking of you as you say goodbye to a most remarkable man. I’m sure he was proud of his large family, and family is everything!

  3. Colleen Armstrong says:

    Awww. What a beautiful tribute. What a blessing and honor to have such a family! Gods blessings of peace and love be unto you all. With all our love, Keith and Colleen Armstrong

  4. Chris and I express our sincere sympathy to our dear friends. (the whole family)

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